LostGodXEevee is a totally legit ship, also called HyperactiveShipping or RedPai.

Evidence Edit

Senpai and Red have always been close. She displayed affection toward him at some point, especially during his operation while being neutered. The two have talked about having hyperactive murderous children together. He considers he a lovable scamp, and she considers him her bae. They often tease and flirt with one another, making this a totally legit pairing. In fact, he's been very positive to this. She bought a fedora after he had one, and is constantly trying to get him on chat.

Red has a secret shrine dedicated to him in the back of her closet. She goes in there constantly, with her dream of someday cloning LG, who has said he'll only date Nobody. Love triangle, yo. It has millions of pictures all around, with candle and incense lit daily. There is a garden dedicated to him. She collects fedoras to offer to him.

Fanart Edit

Fanfiction Edit

  • Why I Kissed Dating Goodbye Part 2 and 1 could possibly be considered fanfiction for this ship.