Blue is a woman who is taken.

Relationship status: Engaged

Personality/Appearance Edit

Gender: Female 

Age: 16 

Birthday: March 7th 1998

Race: North American (Let's not confuse me with SOUTH American)

Ethnicity: Caucasian 

Interested in: Guys/Gals

Hair Color: Brunette with a touch of ginger.

Eye Color: Bluish gray

Height: A little over 5'

Weight: 95-98 llb 

Favorite Color: Blue, red, or purple. No, actually, rainbow.

Aliases: Palk, Blue, Caitie, Kat, Cate, Palkia, Palkia the dragon

Religion: Baptist-Jewish-Atheist 

Favorite drink: Mountiain Dew 

Favorite food: Any kind of Sushi 

Favorite show: My Little Pony and any Anime 

Favorite song: Varies 

Favorite movie: How To Train Your Dragon

Favorite game: Any Pokemon game, any Zelda game, and sometimes Minecraft. Oh, and Monster Hunter (thx Senpai&otherGabrielIknow) 



Blood type: O 

Zodiac Sign:  i

What I look for in men/women: That they're nice and sweet and occasionally writes poems for me.

Occupation: High school student 

Where you see yourself in 10 years: With my husband hopefully living in a nice part of Canada with our kids. 

Dating Question: You wanna play some "video GAMES" with me?

Shippings Edit