TyXPalk is also called PowerShipping or Palty. It is a sailed ship, but the ship has since sunk.

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Ty had an interest in Palk for a while, but brushed it off as teenage hormones. When she said she was leaving the wiki for good, he told her his feelings, which was more than that, it was love. They dated for a year, but then agreed that they were too young to be dating. They got back together again in about six months, but broke up again. A year goes by with little contact. Palk and Ty begin talking again, with feelings even more ferocious than before. They exhchange phone numbers, make plans to meet halfway from their homes, and have an intense make out session. The two of them are very much in love, until about a year passses, enter King. King says she could do much better, and attempts to seduce Palk, ultimately leaving her to decide to pick him. Ty was at first sad, but his overarching feelings for her led him to support her in everything she did, even if it meant him being hurt, he always put her feelings first. He was depressed about it, but symbolically ended it by burning up his last remaining picture of her from his wallet with her number scribbled on it. They're still facebook friends, but he was scared away from the wiki.

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