A Wrecking Ball is a ship that has taken a turn for the worst - the absolute worst possible turn a ship can make. When trying to avoid collision with another ship, your ship called the Titanic takes a turn and hits a glacier. And then Miley Cyrus came in like a wrecking ball.

Definition Edit

Basically, a ship that goes sour is a wrecking ball. Whoever initiates this is considered to have "come in like a wrecking ball" and began to swing all around, breaking his heart, your heart, their heart, her heart, everyones heart. Sometimes it's a person in the relationship, other times it's not.  This is the  worst possible outcome for a ship and for a shipper.

Examples Edit

  • Two people are deeply in love and then find out they're twins who were switched at birth. Awkward.
  • Two people are deeply in love, and it turns out the girls ex husband wasn't MIA after all, and she's still married.
  • Two people are deeply in love, but the man was actually a Catholic priest.
  • Two people are deeply in love, but it turns out one of them had MPD and switches out on her.
  • Two people are deeply in love, but one of them cheats.